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ADVISORY NOTICE- Hearing notices sent on 11/29/2021

Due to a technological error in the Division of Technology Operations system that manages delivery of the Commission’s Hearing Notices, Hearing Notices for dates in the past were incorrectly sent to parties yesterday.  Please disregard any Hearing Notice you received yesterday containing a past hearing date.   

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Advisory Notice- Proper Attire at Commission Hearings Conducted Virtually by Zoom

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Coverage Division

The Coverage Division assists in the claims process by providing proper identification of employers' workers' compensation insurance coverage. The division maintains a historical record of insurance coverage and uses it to confirm the responsible insurance carrier in the event of a work-related accident or injury.

Coverage Requirements and Statute References (PDF)

The Coverage Division is responsible for maintaining, monitoring, and enforcing the various requirements which hold employers responsible for maintaining workers' compensation insurance coverage.

A historical record of insurance coverage is maintained by this division and used to confirm the responsible insuring entity in the event of a work-related accident or injury.

You may verify coverage information through our online coverage verification service.  Please note that this service does not provide coverage information on employers who are covered through the State Accident Fund.

For employer coverage information:

Verify Coverage Online        

Click here for common employer name variations (PDF)

For assistance with employer coverage information, contact our coverage staff, Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00 at (803) 737-6203 or    

Accident Reporting EDI

This division also oversees and coordinates the creation of all Commission claim files (WCC File) and negotiates agreements with trading partners for EDI transmission, as well as researching, correcting, and monitoring EDI errors. For WCC file numbers, and claim file corrections/reporting errors, contact:

Elaine McKnight

Cancellation of Insurance

The South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission (SCWCC) has implemented a system to notify a general contractor via email if a sub-contractor appears to have failed to maintain Workers' Compensation Insurance. This system has been developed in cooperation with the South Carolina Home Builders Association (SCHBA).

The SCWCC Lapse in Insurance Notification User Guide includes instructions on how to register for this notification service. View the user manual (PDF). Obtain a report of policies you have registered for. In addition, this division monitors and maintains the Commission’s coverage/fine system to ensure correct and prompt filing of coverage documents and the collection of fines.

South Carolina law requires insurance carriers to file policy information with its legal agent, National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), within thirty days of the policy’s effective date. Carriers are required to provide the Employers’ Federal Identification Number (FEIN) on all policies.  Insurance carriers who do not meet these requirements are subject to fines in accordance with Section 42-19-50 and Regulation 67-405C. You may contact our Coverage Department at if you are unsure of the carrier’s contact information.


The Compliance Division is the investigation and enforcement arm of the SC Workers’ Compensation Commission. When a claim is filed for which there is no apparent insurance coverage, the case is assigned to an investigator to determine who should be the responsible party. The division prosecutes employers who fail to maintain workers’ compensation coverage.

Compliance Poster

All employers operating under the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Act (Act), are required to post publicly and keep posted in their place of business an Employer's Notice of Being Subject to the Act (R67-301 A). Below is a link to the Notice. Employers can download the Notice and complete the workers' compensation insurance carrier's name, address, and phone number.

Workers' Compensation Compliance Poster (PDF)

For other State required posters, visit South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation's website, at

For questions regarding employer compliance, please contact our compliance staff, Monday -Friday 8:30 - 5:00 at (803) 737-6203 or