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A public hearing will be held during the Commission's February 13, 2023 Business Meeting at the Commission's office in Columbia to receive comments regarding the 2023 Medical Services Provider Manual. Written comments may be provided in advance and will be accepted until February 8, 2023. To view the full advisory and additional updates regarding the 2023 MSPM, click here. To view the documents provided by FairHealth in preparation for the 2023 updates, click here

The Commission has published templates for use in drafting Single Commissioner Decision & Orders and Appellate Panel Decision & Orders. The full Advisory may be accessed here


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Amendment to Commission's Administrative Policies and Procedures on Use of Court Reporter Services (PDF) (Posted July 24, 2017)

Advisory Notice - Submission of Consent Orders and Settlement Agreements and Releases (PDF) (Posted February 24, 2017)

Advisory Notice - Submission of Dependency Investigations (PDF) (Posted December 1, 2016)

Advisory Notice - Submission of Consent Orders and Settlement Agreements and Releases (PDF) (Posted February 24, 2017)

Commissioners' Standard Preferences Updated to Include Process for Submission of Medical Records (PDF) (Posted January 25, 2016)

Form 14B (PDF) (Physician's Statement) Modified for Clarity - The Commission has modified the Form 14B for the purpose of clarifying information on whether or not future medical care and treatment will be required.  Beginning on January 1, 2017, the Commission will require the use of the newly revised Form 14B (dated 09/2016) (Posted September 12, 2016)

Administrative Procedures Changes - Processing Form 16 and Form 16A at Informal Conferences (PDF)  (Posted July 7, 2016)

Commission clarifies requirements for filing fees (PDF)   (Posted April 8, 2015)

Advisory notice on submission of Form 70 (PDF) ( Posted March 27, 2015)

Advisory Notice - Form 21 Employer's Request for Hearing (PDF)  (Posted November 19, 2014) 

Commission adopts administrative policy for use of court reporters (PDF)  (Posted October 28, 2014)

New process for electronic submittal of APAs and other case documents effective January 1, 2015 (PDF)  (Posted December 2, 2014) 

Relief of Counsel Motions $25 filing fee required (PDF)  (Posted December 17, 2013)

Advisory Notice on cases set for Informal Conference (PDF)  (Posted October 21, 2013)

Commission will no longer serve hearing notices, orders, forms and documents by certified mail (PDF) (Posted October 21, 2013) 

Advisory Notice on revisions to Form 14B and Form 16A (PDF)  (Posted September 18, 2013) 

Advisory Notice on settlement conferences (PDF)  (Posted August 15, 2013)

Commission Approves Increase in Informal Conference Cost and Hearing Cost (PDF) (Posted September 4, 2012)

Clarification of Requirements for Filing a Form 14B (PDF) (Physician's Statement)   (Posted January 26, 2012)

The Judicial Department Issues an Advisory Notice Clarifying the Requirements for Filing a Form 14B (PDF) (Physician's Statement)  (Posted May 13, 2011)

Commission Clarifies Requirements for Filing Fees (PDF)  (Posted July 11, 2011)

Commission Amends Form 21, Employer's Request for a Hearing (PDF)  (Posted April 29, 2011)

Commission Revises Informal Conference Hearing Cost Assessment (PDF)  (Posted January 18, 2011)

Commission Approves Increase in Hearing Cost (PDF)  (Posted August 16, 2010)

Physician's Statement, Form 14B Maximum Allowable Payment (PDF)  (Posted December 14, 2009)