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In response to stakeholder comments, the Commission promulgated an amendment to S.C. Code Ann. Regs. 67-610 that amends the existing process by which litigants before the Commission amend pleadings and add or remove parties to a claim. The amended regulation has been approved by the legislature and is effective May 26, 2023. The full advisory may be accessed here.


The Commission will conduct the monthly business meeting June 5, 2023 at 10:30am in Hearing Room A at the Commission offices in Columbia. Participants may access the meeting online. The agenda and zoom link may be accessed here.




Coverage Division

The Coverage Division is responsible for maintaining, monitoring, and enforcing the various requirements which hold employers responsible for maintaining workers' compensation insurance coverage. In addition, this division monitors and maintains the Commission’s coverage/fine system to ensure correct and prompt filing of coverage documents and the collection of fines. A historical record of insurance coverage is maintained by this division and used to confirm the responsible insuring entity in the event of a work-related accident or injury. Coverage information may be verified through our online coverage verification service.  

DISCLAIMER: The Coverage Division is not responsible for ensuring that a proper party has been named on a Commission Form.  Use of the verify coverage database should not replace independent investigation to determine the correct carrier responsible for a claim. The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission provides this database as a service to its stakeholders but does not certify that the information contained therein is accurate and current. Please note that this service does not provide coverage information on employers who are covered through the State Accident Fund. 


Form # Description PDF DOC Filing Fee

Corporate Officer Notice to Reject


No fee


Employer’s Withdrawal of Election to Adopt the
South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act

PDF Doc No fee

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