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The Commission will conduct the monthly Business Meeting Monday, June 17, 2024 at 10:30AM in Hearing Room A at the Commission offices in Columbia. Participants may access the meeting online. The agenda and zoom link may be accessed here.
The Commission will host a Claims Administration Nuts and Bolts Workshop on June 28, 2024. Click here to register. 
 Regulation 67-1602 has been amended to establish electronic payment systems as the default method of payment for temporary disability and reimbursement for expenses. The full advisory and text of the regulation may be accessed here
The Commission has issued an advisory notice regarding changes to a procedure code in the 2024 MSPM. The full advisory may be accessed here

Fines and Penalties

In order to ensure and verify that the rights of the injured worker and the employer are properly addressed, the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Act requires that certain forms/documentation be filed with the Commission. When such forms/documentation is not filed in accordance with the Act, the Act stipulates that a fine or fines be assessed (R67-1401). If an injured worker or the employer (or the representative of the injured worker or employer) believes that a fine has been improperly assessed, they may appeal the assessment to the Commission by emailing such appeal to one of the addresses below, provided such appeal is made within 30 days of notice of the fine.

When filing an appeal, please indicate the WCC# and the related Form number (or document type; ex: "denial letter") in the subject line, if applicable. Please include a short narrative in the body of the email describing the nature of the appeal and the reasons the appellant believes the fine should be rescinded. Attach a copy of the fine letter received and any supporting documentation the appellant wishes to provide.

The Commission is generally able to render a decision concerning a fine appeal within five (5) business days.

Fine amounts effective April 1, 2009.

Violation Fine Amount Appeal To
Medical Rating per R67-804C(2) $200
Form 16, Agreement for Permanent Disability/Disfigurement Compensation $200
Form 17, Receipt of Compensation  $200
Form 18, Periodic Report   $200
Form 19, Status Report and Compensation Receipt   $50
Form 20 per R67-1603D   $200
Form 51, Employer's Answer to Request for Hearing     $200
Form 15 Section I, Temporary Compensation Report $200
Form 15, Section II, Temporary Compensation Report $200
Form 15S, Supplemental Report of Varying Temporary Partial Payments  $200
Form 12A, First Report of Injury or Illness $200
Form 12M, Annual Minor Medical Report $200
Clincher $200
Denial Letter  $200
Failure to Reponse to Request  $200
Coverage Late Fines $200