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A public hearing will be held during the Commission's February 13, 2023 Business Meeting at the Commission's office in Columbia to receive comments regarding the 2023 Medical Services Provider Manual. Written comments may be provided in advance and will be accepted until February 8, 2023. To view the full advisory and additional updates regarding the 2023 MSPM, click here. To view the documents provided by FairHealth in preparation for the 2023 updates, click here

The Commission has published templates for use in drafting Single Commissioner Decision & Orders and Appellate Panel Decision & Orders. The full Advisory may be accessed here


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Subpoenas and File Copy Requests


The Commission frequently receives subpoenas from various courts requesting claims files. Generally, the Commission’s records are subject to a strict confidentiality statute and are not open to the public but only to the employee or employer involved in the claim for which records are sought. If the requester was not a party to the workers' compensation claim for which records are desired and the subpoena issues from a South Carolina State Court or Administrative Agency, the Commission requires a release signed by the claimant in order to provide the records. The Commission does not require a signed release to provide claims files pursuant to a Federal Court subpoena. Payment is required upon production of copies pursuant to the Commission's fee schedule. Subpoenas and any questions regarding this procedure should be referred to the Commission's Legal Department. 

Authorization of Release of Claims Information


Records Requests

If you are a claimant or a defendant or respective counsel for either entity and seek the claims file for a claim in which you are currently participating, please submit a records request. Payment is required upon production of copies pursuant to the Commission's fee schedule. Records Requests should be sent to the Commission's Claims Department. 

South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission Fee Schedule for Copies

Records Request Procedures


Contact Information

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